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Android Slideshow

Photo by Nathan Anderson

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21 Feb 2017

Android Slideshow

A simple slideshow application for your mobile.

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Note from the Developer

I have a strange use case where I like to be able to have images scroll across my phone. Since I’ve been meaning to create an Android application for the app store, I decided that this was a good enough application.

Given I’ve received a number of feature requests since releasing the application (on F-droid in particular), it seems to be appreciated.


Now you can view files on your devices with ease!

Quickly browse through your file system for the directory you want to view, click an image and the slideshow will automatically begin.

Great for showing off those vacation photos without having to scroll.



Upcoming Features and Feature Requests

All planned enhancements are here:


Michael Standen

This software is provided under the MIT License so it’s free to use so long as you give me credit.

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