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08 Mar 2017


Evaporating.Link is a simple file sharing service hosted in the cloud.

Share your file in 3 easy steps, and you don’t even have to worry about it hanging around.

  1. Sign in to Google
  2. Select a file to upload
  3. Click upload

The link is then shown on the screen to be copied!

The file will be deleted after 1 day, so there is no need to worry about your files floating around forever. Indexing of uploaded files has been blocked so they won’t appear in search engines.


I was inspired by, a service to share snippets of text permanently on the interwebs.

The concept behind Evaporating.Link was born by flipping this premise on it’s head. Temporarily store files on the interwebs.

Things like dropbox and Google Drive are great, but I harbour a lack of trust for closed source systems. You will find the entire source code for Evaporating.Link on Github.

I have so many accounts with third party file stores, I can’t recall where everything is located and all of that stuff, I don’t even know what is valuable anymore. More than likely, none of it is valuable.


Pure HTML, CSS and Javascript. 気持ち~

I considered including within this Jekyll site, but thought it would be nice to separate the two in case it takes off. Given the decision to separate the site from the blog I figured I’d switch up the design a bit too and build a simple interface and trivial navigation. I opted for my technology stack to reflected the interface design decisions and went with a pure web stack.

I’ll create a walk through of the code and decisions made in another post.


In Amazon of course!

I’ll do another write up that specifically talks about the architecture behind Evaporating.Link.

Edit: And here it is!


Evaporating.Link is live now!

It went live on the 7th of March 2017.

Total development time including design and infrastructural procurement was about 8 hours total.


I’m Michael Standen. The pretty guy on the home page 😉

Thanks for reading

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