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How to Google AdSense

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18 Aug 2017

About Google Ads

Putting ads on your website is a quick (but typically poor) way to monetize it.

It doesn’t cost users many money, doesn’t require additional user steps, and users can opt out by installing an ad blocker such as uBlock Origin. (Some people may not agree with my use of opt out here, but that’s my opinion on another discussion)

Google AdSense is a popular provider for Ads, and my choice.


Create a Google AdSense account

You can link your existing Google account if you have one.

Disable your ad blocker

  1. Click My Sites
  2. Click the + button on the top right
  3. Enter your website URL
  4. Click Add Site

At this point you may be requried to prove you own the website. This is usually done by adding a page provided by google to ensure you can load content to the site. How tou do this will depend on your hosting solution.

Create an Ad Unit

  1. Click My ads on the left panel
  2. Select the type of ad you would like displayed
Variety of Google Ad options.
  1. Fill in the details:
    • Name - I use the name of the website
    • Size - recommend Responsive
    • Type - recommend Text & Display
    • Style - select a style that fits your website
  2. Click Save & Get Code
  3. Copy and paste the code provided into your website HTML where you would like the ad to appear

That’s it!

Additional Note

Make sure the ins block you add to your HTML has an associated width. It’s also good practice to define a max-width and max-height when using the responsive ad block, to ensure the ad doesn’t cover the whole page, unless that’s what you want.

Thanks for reading

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