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Android Phone Saver

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14 Sep 2017

Phone Saver

An android app that lets you save files to your phone using the share function.

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Ever hit that share button and really wanted to just store the file on your phone? That meme that you send to your friends that would be great in your reaction image folder. That screenshot of that Snapchat that you want to hide in a secret folder.

Well look no further!

Set up any number of locations on your mobile, and save to them with a single click when using Android’s share feature.



Upcoming Features and Feature Requests

All planned enhancements are here:

A number of features have been added! If you can’t see a similar request, request yours today!


Michael Standen

This software is provided under the MIT License so it’s free to use so long as you give me credit.


Special thanks to all the contributors of Phone Saver.

I really mean it. You guys rock!

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