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Tabs vs Spaces

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13 Dec 2018

White Space is Important

As human we innately utilise a number of visual perceptual principles to understand the world around us. Of these, location of objects are key to creating groups in our mind.

Gestalt laws of grouping states a number of key elements which are deeply related to white space.

In the end, I’ll deal with either white space approach - tabs, spaces, combination - so long as it is consistent. Don’t mix indentation and don’t use something stupid like Fibonacci Indentation.

But that being said…

The Argument

Here’s a list of the arguments in either direction.

Developing in Fields

When developing in a user input field (like in a browser), the tab key will often navigate the user to the next field instead of inserting the character.

Spaces don’t have this issue.

Standardised Spacing

When indenting with a tab, you are always using a single tab.

When indenting with spaces you still have to decide whether to indent with 2 or 4 or some other amount of spaces.

File Size

A tab is a single character per indentation level. When using tabs you are reducing the size of your files.

Space indentation would use multiple characters to represent the same change in indentation.

Typing Speed

A tab is a single key stroke.

Indenting with spaces requires multiple key strokes. Modern IDEs allow you configure the tab key to insert the correct indentation of spaces instead of a tab. But at that point… Just insert a tab.

Similar argument to the above. Navigating indentation levels via keyboard is easier when there are fewer characters to navigate through.

User Preference

Modern IDEs have configurable tab display sizes. I’m very sensitive to white space (as you could probably guess from this post) and so I’m fine with a tab being represented by as little as 2 spaces. My colleagues prefer them to be 4 and older IDEs deafult to 8. Using tabs supports user preference.

A space is a space is a space. If someone on your team likes really wide spacing, you’re stuck with it.


Developer who use spaces earn more money than those who use tabs.

This is because space developers that are paid hourly spend twice as long typing their indentation.

This one is a joke…


It’s pretty clear.

Thanks for reading

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